Private and Public Sector


Cabot Dow Associates deals with a wide range of compensation and labor negotiations issues that face organizations of many sizes.  This has been in the context of operating as Human Resources Directors, labor negotiators, compensation analysts and as staff advisors.  CDA consulting has dealt with all of the personnel issues and sub-specialties facing organizations in human resource management and alternative dispute resolution.  CDA specializes in compensation studies as well as collective bargaining under state and federal laws, e.g. Ch. 41.56 RCW, Washington State Collective Bargaining Law, overseen by the Public Employment Relations Commission, and National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), overseen by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB):

  • Market compensation assessment in support of organization needs
  • Negotiated many collective bargaining agreements
  • Represented public employers in mediation
  • Presented interest arbitration cases for cities, fire districts and counties (police officers, firefighters, corrections officers)
  • Presented cases before the Washington State Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC), Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

Specific CDA experience in compensation, labor relations and human resources policies includes:

  • design of compensation plans
  • negotiating medical plan redesign
  • drug testing policies
  • subcontracting clauses
  • disciplinary procedures
  • negotiating and designing performance appraisal systems
  • resolving grievances and the negotiation of initial first time labor contracts.

In addition, CDA experience includes dealing with specialty issues such as:

  • classification systems
  • compensation packaging costing
  • establishing personnel policies
  • work scheduling
  • disciplinary practices
  • layoff procedures
  • FLSA related issues

Public and Private Sector Applications

While the majority of the CDA consulting practice is now in the public sector, CDA has recent and extensive experience in the private sector:   Construction, Project Management, Recruitment and Selection.  Sample industries include silicon smelter, dairy, port authorities, oil refineries, and third party administration of health and pension plans for management and labor unions.  In the public sector, CDA has worked with cities, counties, fire districts, library districts, health districts, transit districts, water districts, and sewer districts.